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Amanda's Bistro


5* Breakfasts!!!!!!
We rocked up at Amanda's Cafe late on a Sunday morning in search of a nice cooked breakfast. As with anywhere you have never been beofre, it is always a bit of a risk when trying somewhere new as you there is always the chance of being disappointed!!

However, this has to be THE best cooked breakfast i have had in a very long time.

The lovely bubbly and welcoming host ensured that the chef would still cook us breakfast after we had arrived a little close to lunch which was great. I think we perhaps looked like we needed something to line the stomach after a little party the night before!!

When the breakfasts arrived, everyone was suprised! The portions were ample and the quality of the food was first class. We were waited on hand and foot by the waitresses there and they tended to our needs perfectly.

It is a shame that we have only just discovered Amanda's after soon moving back to Chippenham but i do not think that this will stop us from making the journey to Malmesbury purely for this reason!

We recognised the host from The Peterborough Arms in Dauntsey and he was as bubbly and friendly there as he is now!

I hope this review gets passed your way and we will see you again soon i am sure!

Emily :o)

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